“A lot of them run together” Here’s What Carolyn Andriano Said At The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial


“A lot of them run together” Here’s What Carolyn Andriano Said At The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial While Testifying For The Prosecution

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Day 7 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial was the day the prosecution announced that the state will be resting its case the following week.

Day 7 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial is also the day accuser Carolyn testified for the prosecution. At that time, Carolyn was an anonymous accuser.

However, she broke said anonymity in the interview with DailyMail where she confirms the claims filed by her friend Virginia Giuffre, that Prince Andrew did indeed sexually abuse Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Judge Lewis Kaplan has yet to give an answer as to rather the Virginia Giuffre VS Prince Andrew Duke of York sexual abuse case will be dismissed or move forward.

Day 7 of The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial : Accuser Carolyn Andriano

When Carolyn first met Jeffrey Epstein, she was 14 years of age. She was going through financial hardship. After each of her “more than 100” sexual encounters with Jeffrey Epstein, she would receive money as compensation. She had stopped going to “the house” due to becoming a mother but once she returned at 18, she realized that she was “too old”.

Carolyn Andriano, Carolyn at the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Virginia Giuffre, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Stess tv news, Stess news, Jessica Cardiny
Carolyn At the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial
New Witness : Carolyn [Andriano]

The trial has resumed with a new witness who rather than using a pseudonym, will only be referred to by her first name — Carolyn.She explains that she dropped out of school after the seventh grade and was introduced to Estein to give him massages as she needed to make some money. She was 14 at the time.

Carolyn Describes Epstein Massages From When She Was 14

🟡Ms Maxwell greeted her when she came to the house in Palm Beach.Carolyn recalls not being able to pronounce Ms Maxwell’s first name and called her “Maxwell”.

🟡She recalls her shoulder-length black hair and English accent.

She testifies that Ms Maxwell took off her clothes and Carolyn left on her bra and underwear.

🟡Virginia Roberts (Giuffre) was also there whom Carolyn had met through a boyfriend called Sean.

🟡After 45 minutes of massaging Epstein’s back, Carolyn says that he turned over and Virginia began having sex with him.

🟡They were both paid, with Carolyn receiving $300.She says she went to Epstein’s house more than 100 times, up to three times a week, between the ages of 14 and 18 years old.

Carolyn Goes Back

🟡Carolyn says she went back because she was young and $300 was a lot of money.

🟡Ms Maxwell had asked her for her phone number to set up repeat visits.

🟡She testifies that she would usually see Ms Maxwell in the kitchen when she got to the house.

“She would just let me know that Mr Epstein would be back, that he was on a jog.”

🟡Carolyn says she told Ms Maxwell that her mother was an alcoholic and that she had been raped and molested by her grandfather from the age of 4.

Overseas Traveling

🟡Carolyn was invited to travel overseas to Epstein’s private island but says she told Ms Maxwell that she was too young and her mother would not allow it.

🟡She confirms that she told the defendant that she was 14 years old.Ms Maxwell felt her breasts and said she had a great body for Epstein and his friends. She paid her $300 in $100 dollar bills.

AUSA: What would Maxwell ask you when she called?

Carolyn: If I’d be available when they flew in. They asked me to travel oversees. I said there was no way my mother would say OK.

AUSA: Did you tell Maxwell how old you were?

Carolyn: I told her I was fourteen.

Carolyn Drug Issues, Jail And Being “Too Old” At 18

🟡Carolyn says she initially stopped going to Epstein’s house for a while after having a son in March 2004 with a boyfriend.

🟡She began visiting the house again because she needed the money but stopped when she realised that she had become “too old” aged just 18.

🟡Carolyn says she was arrested for her drug use and for possession of stolen property when she pawned an X-Box that was not hers. After jail time she was treated for her drug use and went to therapy.

🟡Since then she has worked at an escort service and became a stripper, sometimes having sex with men for money.

Wearing a magenta and white striped blouse, her straight brown hair parted in the middle, the alleged victim choked up several times as she described the abuse.

“A lot of them run together,” she said of the encounters .

Carolyn’s Cross Examination Begins

🟡Ms Maxwell’s lawyer Jeffrey Pagliuca asks Carolyn questions regarding how she came to meet the defendant and Epstein, highlighting the role that Virginia Roberts (Giuffre) played and Ms Maxwell’s absence from the initial conversation.

🟡Carolyn knew Virginia through their boyfriends and they would all smoke marijuana together.The defence has argued that it was Ms Roberts who introduced Carolyn to Epstein and not Ms Maxwell, though Carolyn’s testimony says that she was greeted at the house by the defendant.

After a recess the cross-examination resumed.

🟡The court is back in session and cross-examination of Carolyn by Mr Pagliuca has resumed. He asks about the notes from an interview with the FBI that occurred in August 2017.

🟡According to the notes, Carolyn describes the woman at Epstein’s mansion as having an “unknown accent”. Carolyn denies she said this and says she actually said the woman had “an accent”.She adds that she had not been expecting the FBI to show up at her home that day.

Jury On Break As Defence Challenges Carolyn’s Previous Statement

🟡Judge Nathan has called the afternoon break while assessing whether defence can pursue a line of questioning regarding a previous civil complaint and Carolyn’s version of events as told today.

🟡Ms Maxwell’s lawyer Mr Pagliuca says he is trying to impeach the witness by omission. He argues that the previous complaint plays up the role of Epstein assistant Sarah Kellen, whereas the testimony today plays up the role of Ms Maxwell while downplaying that of Ms Kellen.

Cross-examination Continues, Turning To Carolyn’s Drug And Alcohol Use

🟡As recess ends, Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey asks how long the cross-examination will take given that it has already lasted longer than Carolyn’s testimony. She does not receive an answer.

🟡The defence turns to Carolyn’s use of drugs and alcohol.

🟡Mr Pagliuca asks if she recalls abusing drugs at the age of 13, to which she replies: “If you call pot drugs, yes.”

🟡This line of questioning from defence was anticipated as a tactic to discredit Carolyn in front of the jury, hence why the prosecution brought it up during her testimony.

🟡Mr Pagliuca asks if Carolyn moved from Florida to Georgia to detox, to which she replies, no, that it was to escape traumatic events in her life.

🟡Asked about whether she used cocaine at Epstein’s Palm Beach house, she also replies no.Referring to her previous testimony in litigation, in which she says she did not have sex with Epstein, she clarifies:

“I replied ‘No’ because I was not a willing participant. He had sex with me and I stopped it.

Jury Is Instructed To Disregard Carolyn’s Comment

🟡Judge Nathan tells the jury to disregard a comment by Carolyn, reminding her that she must follow the rules of the court.

🟡In response to questions from Mr Pagliuca, she asked what any of this had to do with what she is here for today, adding that Ghislaine Maxwell fondled her and broke her soul.

🟡Mr Pagliuca asked whether it is true that she never mentioned Ms Maxwell in therapy, which Carolyn confirms is the case.

Last Question

🟡Ms Maxwell’s defence lawyer’s final question regarded a photograph Carolyn claimed to have seen of the defendant naked and pregnant. After confirming she had seen it, Mr Pagliuca ended the cross-examination.

🟡As Ms Comey began the prosecution’s redirect, Carolyn cried when responding that no, she had not written her own legal complaint that had been referred to earlier.

🟡The defence objected again when Carolyn was asked if she was in court to get money and responded saying that no, what Ms Maxwell did was wrong.

🟡When Ms Comey ended her questioning of Carolyn, Mr Pagliuca asked what happened to $446,000 she had received in 2009. Carolyn replied that she did not know.

At the close of day seven of the trial, the prosecution says it will rest this week, which could theoretically dramatically shorten the length of the trial.

They have decided to not call “Brian” the brother of “Jane” the first accuser to testify against Ms Maxwell.Only one more accuser is set to take the stand against the socialite, with the court having heard from three in the first seven days of the trial.

Originally scheduled for five to six weeks, the length of proceedings could be significantly truncated.

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