Ghislaine Maxwell Trial | Prosecution Rests The Case, Defense Counters On Dec 16


The Prosecution rested its case at the end of Day 10 of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial in which accuser Annie Farmer took the stand. Defense is set to take the lead on Dec 16.

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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial has come to an alt after ten days of the prosecution presenting the case in a Federal Court presided by Judge Alison Nathan. The trial was initially set to last six weeks.

Day ten started will everyone present. Day nine was adjourned due to a lawyer being ill.

  • Prosecution rested the case at the end of Day 10, Friday Dec 10
    • Defense will counter starting Dec 16
    • Deliberation will be on Dec 21

Witness : William Brown, DMV

The first witness to take the stand is William Brown of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ – Division of Field Investigations.

William Brown’s testimony is about confirming elementary facts about the case. Just like with Tracy Chapell from FedEx. As such, he confirms the age of someone in a sealed exhibit. He says the person was born in 1985 thus she was eleven years old in 1996.

Accuser Annie Farmer

Annie Farmer on the stand, Day 10 | Sketch @ Jane Rosenberg

Since day one of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial, four accusers took the stand using pseudonyms, Annie Farmer is the only accuser user her real name.

Judge Nathan instructed the jury that any physical contact mentioned in her testimony that takes place in New Mexico between Ms Farmer and Ms Maxwell and Epstein was not illegal as she was over the age of 16 at the time.

Ms Farmer was asked if any in the room has ever given her a massage. She identifies Ghislaine Maxwell. Massages were used by Ms Maxwell before every sexual assaults by Jeffrey Epstein as per the accusers testimonies.

Ms Farmer will tell the court about her upbringing especially the dire financial situation her family was in at the time she met Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

“money was tight” and “it had often been a stressor since my parents were divorced“.

Farmer confirmed that she was 16 when Epstein bought her a ticket to New York. Farmer has a sister nine years older than her, Maria, she was, at that time, working in New York with Epstein.

Her first meeting with Epstein took place in his “very grand home” in New York. Annie was staying in her sister’s apartment. During that first meeting, she told Epstein that she wanted to go to college. Epstein told her that she should apply at the University of California and that an international trip would boost her application.

During the trip Epstein took her to see Phantom of the Opera and a movie at which he sat between her and her sister.

He “caressed” her hand and then rubbed her leg.

“I felt sick to my stomach. It wasn’t something that I was at all expecting.”

She adds that when Maria looked over he would stop, then begin again when she turned away.

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Annie never told anything to her sister fearing she might lose her job.

Annie Farmer: We went to see the movie “Five Monkeys.”
AUSA: Where did Epstein sit?
Annie Farmer: Between us. Then he rubbed my leg.
AUSA: What was your reaction?
Annie Farmer: I was very surprised. I felt sick to my stomach.
Annie Farmer: When Maria would look over, he would stop. The begin again.
AUSA: Did you tell your sister?
Annie Farmer: No. I was confused. I knew she was protective, I knew she would be upset, she might lose her job. So I decided not to say anything.

Ms Farmer says she next saw Epstein in the spring of 1996. She flew on a commercial airline to New Mexico in April of that year.

A driver met her at the airport, holding a sign with her name on it. She was driven to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch.

It was here that she met Ms Maxwell for the first time. Ms Farmer said her presence made her feel comfortable after what has happened in the movie theatre and that she had been told Ms Maxwell would be there by her mother.

She described Ms Maxwell as slim and attractive in her 30s with a British accent.

On the defendant’s relationship with Epstein, she says she believed they were “romantic partners” and appeared “intimate” with each other.

Ms Maxwell took her shopping and bought her cowboy boots that cost more than $100, says Ms Farmer, adding she was grateful.

She went to the movies with Epstein and Ms Maxwell to see Primal Fear. Ms Farmer said she did not want to go given what had happened in New York, but adds that she thought it would be different this time given the presence of Ms Maxwell.

“He right away tried to hold my hand and caress and hold my foot and my arm,” she testified.

Ms Maxwell sat and held one of Epstein’s feet and instructed her to massage the other.

“I just watched what she was doing and she instructed me.”

“And so I did what she told me.”

“I felt very uncomfortable,” she says of the massage.

“I wanted to stop, and I was hoping it’d be over quickly.”

Annie Farmer says Ghislaine Maxwell “sat and held one of [Epstein’s] feet” and instructed her to massage the other.

“I just watched what she was doing and she instructed me.”

“And so I did what she told me.”

Farmer also confirmed that Maxwell gave her a massage.
Ms Maxwell instructed her to undress and she was massaged wearing nothing.

Instructed to roll onto her back, she said Ms Maxwell “pulled the sheet down”, “exposed her breasts”, and touched them.

In the morning, Epstein came into her room and said he wanted to cuddle. He climbed into bed with her.

She did not like it and went into the bathroom and shut the door and waited.

Annie Farmer had a diary, a journal, where most of her ordeal with the couple is documented. Ms Maxwell defence lawyer Laura Menninger, used these entries to try to devaluate Farmer’s testimony about te trip to New Mexico.

Menninger: Let’s go to Exhibit 604, the last journal entry you gave to the government for this case?
Annie Farmer: Yes.
Menninger: And you never gave the government the full journal, right?
Annie Farmer: Right.
Menninger: You researched when Primal Fear came out then fit your memory to it?
Annie Farmer: I wouldn’t say it that way.
Menninger: You communicated with a journalist and told him you’d research the release date of Primal Fear, right?
Annie Farmer: Yes.

Farmer lured to New Mexico with expensive gifts
Annie Farmer described how Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell lured her to come alone to New Mexico by feigning interest in her studies and on the promise of funding her college fees while lavishing her with expensive gifts of tickets to Broadway shows, international flights, and cowboy boots.

Annie Farmer says she was lured with promises of paying for her college but then sexually assaulted.

Witness : David Mulligan – Annie’s HS Boyfriend

Annie Farmer had taken a trip to Thailand. David Mulligan confirmed that his former girlfriend did tell him that Epstein paid for that trip. He also confirmed that she did tell him that he paid for the trip to New Mexico. When asked about Ms Maxwell, he confirmed the incident of Maxwell that touching Farmer’s breasts.

Witness : Janice Swain, Mother of Annie Farmer

Janice Swain, the mother of Annie and Maria Farmer, is now testifying.

She recalls speaking with Jeffrey Epstein when he wanted to take Maria, the older sister, on his plane to Florida on a work trip.

She said that Epstein had also told her about a meeting of students at his ranch in New Mexico to discuss college plans — Annie testified earlier that is how the trip was sold to her, but she was the only guest.

Ms Swain asked who would be chaperoning the group and Epstein said that Ms Maxwell would be.

Gouvernement Rests The Case

After the testimony of Janice Swain, the Government rested its case against Ghislaine Maxwell.

More than 20 witnesses took the stand over a 10-day period including four accusers.

Other witnesses included two pilots, current and former law enforcement personnel, those close to the accusers, and a longtime housekeeper, among other former Epstein employees.

The Defense Would Need 4 Days

The defense team says their case will last about four days, but they might be able to wrap it up in two or three.

They also tell Judge Nathan that they would like their witnesses to be anonymous too.
He adds that there is flying back to Palm Beach but not enticing to New York and that accompanying is not enticing. Further, he says that all Ms Maxwell did was paperwork.

The prosecution argues that the court should deny the motion as “Jane” was not in New York by accident. There was no non-sexualised reason for her presence and the defendant talked about sex with her, therefore the enticement statute applies.

Judge Nathan denied the motion.

The Defense told Judge Nathan that they want their witnesses to be anonymous too.

Defence case to begin on 16 December.
Defence case expected to be laid out on 16-17 December, possibly into the 20th, with closing arguments on 21 December.

The prosecution says it will be one rebuttal expert and they will be ready to close the day after evidence is finished.

Day 10 – Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Live Updates

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