Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 2| Visoski, Epstein’s Pilot Often Flew Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton And More


Visoski, Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot often flew : Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Chris Tucker and many more. #GhislaineMaxwellTrial #breakingnews

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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial is still ongoing. This is day 2 of a trial set to last six weeks. The court continued with the questioning of Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime pilot, Lawrence Visoski.

Mr Visoski said that he flew Epstein to his private island at least every 10 days for 20 years.

He adds that it was not unusual for Ms Maxwell to be in the cockpit and that she also flew his helicopters.

Mr Visoski says that with the passenger logs if he couldn’t get a name of an individual, the captain would make a note of their gender.

In order not to reveal the identities of individual witness victims, jurors were asked to look at paper copies of birth certificates identifying those in question.

Ms Comey asked Mr Visoski if he recognised the name of a female singer — whom she calls Jane — and if he recalled her as a passenger on the plane.

He said he did and that she had “piercing powder blue eyes” and was brought to the cockpit by Epstein on a flight departing Palm Beach in the mid to late 1990s.

Visosik confirms Bill Clinton flew on plane

Mr Everdell asks about whether former President Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s aircraft, to which Mr Visoski replied yes, adding that he was asked to clean up.

The defence lawyer asked whether there were passengers whose names were not given to him to which he also replied affirmatively.

No Sexual Activity

‘I never saw sexual activity” says pilot
Mr Everdell asks Mr Visoski about flights to Michigan to the Interlochen School of Music where a summer camp was held. Mr Visoski says he was unaware that Epstein attended the camp as a child.

On one flight renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman was a passenger, on another he flew Epstein to Columbus Ohio to see billionaire businessman Les Wexner.

Asked about what he saw on the flights , he said: “I never saw any sexual activity, no,” but added he could not see everything.

Visoski Confirms Prince Andrew as Passenger

Visoski confirms Prince Andrew as passenger
Ms Maxwell’s lawyer asks Mr Visoski whether Prince Andrew flew on Epstein’s plane — he says that he did.

As a matter of fact, Visoski’s list has a few more names. Visoski lists roster of notable passengers, including Donald Trump.

Mr Visoski testified that passengers on Epstein’s plane included Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Itzhak Perlman, Chris Tucker, John Glenn, Kevin Spacey, and George Mitchell.

Defence asks if Maxwell accusers were among passengers

Amongst the string of celebrity passengers on Epstein’s plane named by Mr Visoski, Mr Everdell also asked about Ms Maxwell’s accusers, identified either by name or by pseudonyms.

Annie Farmer, “Jane”, and “Kate” were all mentioned.

Mr Visoski recalled Jane, but did not appear to recall the others.

Jeffrey Epstein was very generous towards his pilot, Lawrence Visoski.

Mr Everdell asked Mr Visoski about how Epstein had helped him with accommodation and other expenses.

Among the ways in which the billionaire had helped or rewarded the pilot. were putting him up in an apartment on East 66th St, at which personal assistant Sarah Kellen also stayed in addition to one of the unnamed accusers.

He also reportedly gave him 40 acres of land in New Mexico on which to build a house and paid for his two daughters to go to college.

‘Jane’ Takes The Stand

“Minor victim 1” in the indictment against Ms Maxwell is now taking the stand. She is known by the pseudonym “Jane”.

The court sketch artist is ordered not to depict her. US District Attorney requested that reporters observed journalism ethics norms, not to ID victims of dexual assaults.

AUSA Comey asked “Jane” to first identify her birth certificate, and then how old she was when she first had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein.

She replies that she was 14 and when questioned further adds that Ghislaine Maxwell was in the room.

“Jane” then identifies the defendant.

Jane was asked who was frequently in the room when she says Jeffrey Epstein assaulted her, she replied “Ghislaine Maxwell”.

Jane’ describes meeting Maxwell and Epstein
“Jane” tells the court about her father’s death from leukemia and the family’s subsequent financial difficulties, before talking about studying at the Interlochen music academy in Michigan.

It was there she met Epstein and Ms Maxwell describing them as “friendly”, “inquisitive”, and seeming like a married couple.

She said they asked for her mother’s phone number and told her they were big benefactors.

‘Jane’ was invited to Epstein’s pool where Maxwell and others were naked

“Jane” was invited to Epstein’s house and recalls at least four women and Ms Maxwell being topless or naked by the pool.

Jane said Ms Maxwell gave her some
advice: “Once you’ve f****d them, you can always f**k them again because they’ve been grandfathered in.”

She laughed at the time because she
didn’t know what it meant.

Jane said that the couple boasted about social circle. Giving examples of whom Epstein and Ms Maxwell said was in their social circle, “Jane” names Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Mike Wallace. She also described the house as full of art and sculptures and pictures of famous people. Some of the art she found odd — creepy animals and naked women.

‘Jane’ describes first sexual contact with Epstein.

“Jane” says she was 14 years old when she was first sexually assaulted by Epstein.

Asked what happened, she recalls that he took her into the pool house and pulled down his sweatpants. She says that he pulled her on top of him and “proceeded to masturbate on me” before leaving.

She adds that she was “frozen in fear” and had never seen a penis before.

Describing another incident she says that Ms Maxwell was also present and the couple kissed and fondled each other in front of her.

‘Jane’ says sexual assault would occur every time she visited Epstein.

Describing Ms Maxwell’s demeanour as casual about the incidents, “Jane” said she was confused and had no idea what was going on. being only 14.

Asked by Ms Comey if Epstein had touched her, she replied affirmatively and said he would touch her breasts and vagina.

Asked if she touched his body, she said “yes, everywhere”, also detailing that he liked to be massaged “hard”.

Apologising for the question, Ms Comey asked “Jane” if Epstein used sex toys.

“He liked to use vibrators, which were of different sizes. He liked to use the back massagers, which were really painful,” she said.

“He would put it on my vagina, even if I said that it hurt.”

‘Jane’ says abuse also occurred at New York house and New Mexico ranch

Between the ages of 14 and 16, “Jane” travelled with Epstein and Ms Maxwell approximately 10 times to New York and New Mexico.

Abuse would also happen at the New York house, where she says she felt watched.

If she was in Epstein’s bedroom they were typically alone, but if it was in the massage room there were other people present including Ms Maxwell, she says.

In New Mexico, they stayed at the ranch house and she was escorted from her room by someone to go and see Epstein.

Getting audibly emotional, “Jane” says: “I felt my heart sinking into my stomach.”

Asked why, her voice cracked as she replies: “Because I didn’t want to see him.”

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