COD Vanguard – Tiny Tactical Moshpit Maps

COD Vanguard Tiny Tactical Moshpit Maps explained. #CODVanguard #cod #CODTopPlays #CallofDuty

The newest game from the Call of Duty franchise was released as always on November 5 2021. The game, Call of Duty Vanguard is playable on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Xbox one and PC.

Modes in COD Vanguard | Photo @ Jessica Cardiny

Since its release, many customized moshpits modes have been added. Unless, Cold of Duty Black Ops Cold War, the game does not give us information on which maps the moshpits are made of. So here’s a little guide for you.

Tiny Tactical

Tiny Tactical was added after an update was released on November 16th. On the game screen, the only information we get is “Tiny Tactical – Tactical Modes & Pacing On Small Maps”.

The COD Vanguard’small maps that are part of Tiny Tactical :

  • Dome
  • Decoy
  • Eagles Nest

When the Trifecta mode was still available, it included the Das Haus map.

In Tiny Tactical, you can play : Team Death Match, Kill Confirmed, Hard Point & Domination and other modes

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